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Financial Concerns

To be sure, the cost of medical treatment is expensive.  The expense of diagnosing, treating and recovering from amyloidosis is well beyond the means of most of us.  It is at this critical time that we most need financial support.  Having said that, we strongly recommend that you do not delay treatment for financial reasons.  Amyloidosis is an aggressive, insidious disease and you must be equally aggressive in obtaining help for yourself or loved one.  Do whatever it takes to get immediate treatment and worry about the money later.


We have provided some information on insurance matters, cost, travel & lodging during treatment, Social Security issues and a little bit about income tax considerations.

Clearly, much of what is documented on this topic is a US view.  However, please review the material presented here. Many of the issues and resources still apply even though you might live in Canada, Europe, or the Pacific Rim.



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